New Zealand – Hangi – Recipe (Traditional)


This traditional New Zealand Hangi recipe requires careful preparation and attention to safety due to the use of fire and hot stones. Enjoy this unique and flavourful culinary experience!


Hangi is a traditional Māori method of cooking food in New Zealand, dating back centuries and deeply rooted in Māori culture and tradition. It involves cooking meat, vegetables, and sometimes stuffing in an underground oven using heated rocks.

Preparation Method:

  1. Preparing the Pit:
    • A pit (called umu or hāngi) is dug into the ground, often lined with stones. These stones are heated over a fire until they reach a high temperature.
  2. Layering the Food:
    • Food items such as meats (commonly lamb, pork, or chicken), root vegetables (like kumara/sweet potatoes), and sometimes stuffing (known as stuffing in New Zealand, which is essentially a bread based food) are carefully layered in baskets or on trays.


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